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Howdy from Poland

So I arrived in Krajow yesterday afternoon after being in transit (for what only seemed like forever) from South Africa. I had to fly to Joburg, spend the night in Joburg (no muggings!) then fly to Dar Es Salaam and chase down the KLM rep to make a minor change on my flight itinerary to get on board (it is just after this when I run into two people that I was working with in Moshi. How weird is that?), Fly for 9 hours to Amsterdam, take two trains to Frankfurt, Germany and then a 2 hour bus to the Frankfurt Hahn Airport, put half of my stuff in storage, hop on a plane to Gdansk, Poland and then a 12 hour train ride to Krakow. All of this in about 72 hours. After tying up some loose ends, I'll head to Auschwitz and some other touristy things in Krakow.

Peace out


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Why do I keep doing this?

So I am a bit of an adreniline junkie. I like to engage in activities that may kill me. In the Victoria Falls area, I did a smorgasbord of potentially dangerous acts including Abseiling, Zip Wire, Gorge Swing and my favourite, the bungi jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge. I didn't really hurt myself doing all of these. Although the gorge swing is a bit rough on a very senisitive part of the anatomy and the bouncing from the bungi jump kind of throws your bones and muscles around into new postitions. I lived.


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Ok, so as many of you know, I just spent the last two months in really remote town in Tanzania. No TV, radio or internet that takes less than 45 minutes to load a page. So imagine my surprise when I get back to civilization and realize that I walked right through a political crisis. I just went to Zimbabwe. Yes, you heard me. The country where Mugabe currently initiates terror over everyone. I was so out of touch with the world living in Tanzania, that I had no idea what was going on when I went through Zimbabwe. I turn on a tv in Cape Town (oh TV, how I've missed you.) And BOOM! I could have gotten my self beheaded for not watching enough television.

I also went to Zambia, which was quite a trip. The Victoria Falls are awesome. I recommend them to everyone.

Peace out


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My long journey into Cape Town

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So I arrived in Cape Town late last night and I am so glad to be out of Tanzania. I had a pretty good experience there, but I really need to be part of the civilized world again. I've said this many of times; when you wash all of your clothes by hand, roosters wake you up every morning, and you have to walk for an hour to get ANYTHING, you really start feeling Amish after a while. Seriously, give me a big black dress and a horse and I'm totally Amish. Today, I celebrated my reintegration into the 21st Century by seeing a movie. I saw 'Vantage Point'. It wasn't very good, but it was nice sitting back and being normal again. I'm starting to feel less cut off from the world as well. But everything in South Africa in english. Which is awesome. Its also much colder than I expected. I don't think we surpassed 20 degrees today. With that and how modern it is, I have a hard time beleiving that I'm still in Africa.


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Just a random pic

Parsley and I
Every one back home wanted me to do ONE thing in regards to my trip to Africa. Bring home an African baby. Even though I wasn't ever actually going to do it, I am really upset that the Tanzanian government requires prospective parents to maintain residency in Tanzania for 18 months. The main problem is that most people looking to adopt will pass over Tanzania in favour of a country where the process doesn't require a move. The baby in the pic, Parsley, isn't actually a baby. He looks about 9 months old, but is actually 22 months. He is HIV positive and hasn't grown since arriving at the Kili Kids orphanage in November, despite his very healthy appitite. And to top it off, he has been sick and hospitalized for a few weeks now. Its hard to beleive that there is ANY justice in the world when you're holding an innocent baby that has one of the world's most elusive diseases. The images of his little body fighting for his life will stay in my memory forever.


PS, I need to thank Gabi immensely for taking such an adorable picture of Parsley and I. Thanks Gabi!

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