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So this brings us to the end of my latest endevor. I love London, I've been here a couple of times so far. On all occasions, I have not been able to get to Wales. For whatever reason, 1 country (yeah, I called it that!) that is a mere 2 hours away has always evaded me.

So knowing that I was passing through London on my way home, I carved out time to finally end things. My British former room mate is out of town anyways :(

I arrive in London around mid day. I take a long bus ride into the city and locate Paddington tube station. It has luggage storage for Sapphire, and it also has the regional train to get to Cardiff. There is some trouble storing Sapphire. I bought this really pretty glass lamp in Istanbul that the guy considered it to be some sort of explosive device. I take it out to assure him that is not the case, and part ways. After purchasing my tickets to Cardiff (**gulp** that's alot of money!), I hop on the train and relax. I've been so busy hustling around lately, I never get a chance to relax and watch endless fields pass me.

Two hours later, I pull into Cardiff station. I quickly hop out and look around. I really don't have any time here Just enough to stand on the platform, congratulating myself on my 61st country, take a picture of something, and get on the next train back to London. Here is that something:


I post the picture on facebook and make my why back to the train returning to London.

I arrive in London just in time to pick up Sapphire from luggage storage. I hoist her on my back, as I always do and head on the airport train to Heathrow. With the early flight that I have, I figured I'd just stay at the airport Sheraton. The train to Heathrow is pretty lush. And Toronto doesn't even have one at all! Every city councillor/mayor for as long as I can remember has said that 'we're getting one'. I'm sorry, I won't believe it until I'm on it pulling into Pearson.

After practically sleeping walking my way to the Sheraton airport bus, I get on and head to my hotel. I wish you could stay in those sleep pod things overnight. That would be sweet.

I arrive and order a turkey burger from room service. I look at the bill and there is a 3 GBP tray fee. Who has ever heard of such a thing? Its a reusable tray, why the extra fee? I kind of feel for the service staff, when there are extra charges, people tip less. Cause that's what I did.

  • *************

Flying back was eventful. I check in a the kiosk and it printed the wrong city on the tag, Vienna. Then I get on my flight to Geneva and the girl next to me is actually another Canadian (from the Gatineau area). Which is awesome. What isn't awesome is that she is terrified of flying. I tell her that I've been on countless flights in my day and the worst thing that has ever happened that my bag has gotten delayed (still fresh in my memory) and I've stubbed a toe once. But that's all she needs to hear to go into a panic. Out of politeness, I keep from her the times when my previous bag, Olive, got eaten alive by a conveyor belt and the time when a guy had a grand mal seizure during a safety demonstration.

I land in Geneva. Connections are always a nuisance. More time then you really to get from one gate to another, unless your first flight is delayed, then it ruins your whole trek. And of course mine is in Switzerland, which I LOVE, but lunch alone will cost $20-25. So I wander around the Geneva airport, wondering when is a good time to invest in a new swiss army knife, if swiss watches really are superior to other watches, blah blah blah.

After a long and uneventful (ie good) flight, I have landed in my beloved Toronto. Ugh, I just want to get home already. Wash the cabin residue off of me, sleep in a horizontal position, walk around in my underwear without a backpacking newbie room mate getting the wrong idea. Bit of a pain, there is a long line at customs at my stopover in Montreal. Ugh...

Nothing new in Toronto since I last left.

Until next time!


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