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Eastern Europe, take 2

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So this is my second trek to Eastern Europe in my quest for global domination. Lets hope that the whole trip isn't as disastrous. So I get in the airport express bus and I'm nearing closer the airport and BAM!!!! There is an accident ahead of us and I'm sitting in the bus, waiting for it to clear. I'm watching the minutes tick away on my phone and I hope that I get to the airport in time.

I don't.

First, I go kiosk to check in. It decides that it doesn't like my passport. I head to a desk and I am informed that I missed the check in time by 4 MINUTES!!! No exception. If that piece of shit kiosk hadn't rejected my passport, I would have made it. They instruct me as to how get on the standby flight and I do so. I after getting a standy ticket and checking Sapphire, I head to the terminal. I have a few hours to kill before the next flight that I MIGHT get on, so I have a drink. Its not long before a guy starts persisting that he buy me one. Um, we're in an airport terminal, where could this possibly lead?

After wandering around the terminal, killing time, its almost time for the next possible flight to board. I run there hoping they have a seat available. I camp out by the desk and wait. There are a few people that are also on standby, but I was here first. Hoping that means something.

I don't get on it. DRATS! So I have more time to kill. I download some movies on my ipad and setup camp in a corner of the terminal.

Its time for the red eye flight. I HAVE to get on this one. I mean, I really have to. I have a flight from London to Dubrovnik in the afternoon and this will be my last chance to make it. I won't be able to go on the London Eye though :( With the conversion rate, its a tad pricey, so I never got around to going on it on my previous trips to London. But I planned to this time. Looks like its going to stay a plan.

I get on the flight and really ecstatic for someone that missed two flights in one day. And looks like a got a sprinkle of good fortune for my suffering, as it is an aisle seat (call me a princess, but I just can't do window or centre for a long haul flight, I don't like random strangers enough).

I land in London's Heathrow airport exhausted and gross, but excited that I'm almost there. I just have to take a bus (or coach, as it is there) to Gatwick Airport and head over to Dubrovnik, Croatia. In my quest for world domination, I have technically been to Croatia. I took a train through it from Venice to Budapest, stepping out onto the platform halfway through. But I've always wanted to really see it, so I set aside a few days to check it out.

I'm standing by the conveyor belt waiting for Sapphire and she doesn't appear to be there. I start becoming infuriated when I see this suitcase, go around and around without anyone picking it up.


I go to the lost baggage counter and do my thing. Hopefully she'll be on the next flight, whenever that is.

I get my carry on stuff together and make my way to the ATM. I'll need some money to get a bus ticket and whatnot. I go to the same one every time I'm in Heathrow, I don't know why. It spits out my card without giving me any money. Ok this is when you panic. Its really rare for my card to be rejected, and its choosing NOW to do it?? I get the various currencies I have with me and head to the forex, maybe I'll have enough. I had the guy some cash and I tell him that the machine didn't work. Now, I'm a flirtatious person, but I try my hardest to see if he can waive the commission. And guess what, he DOES! I have just enough to buy a ticket, but not much more. I do something that I never do, take cash advance on my credit card. A stupid move, but I have to do it. I know for sure there will be other surprise expenses that I'll need money for right away.

After battling the smartphone check in scanning thing, being stuck behind a giant family with young kids that clearly never been within 10 miles of an airport before, and sprinting my way to the gate, I make this flight. I get on the plain and I'm thankful that I prepare for almost any situation. I have baby wipes in my carry on and give myself a quick facial. Well, after 18 hours of airplane air, frustration sweat, and just general grossness, it felt like one.

I take a bus to the city. My hostel is in Old Town, which is an enclosed party of the city. It was hard to navigate through the maze of tourist shops and restaurants, but I find it eventually. I try to find a bathroom and it appears that this hostel that sleeps 50 or so guests only has 3 bathrooms!!! Oy vey. I finally get in one and I'm overjoyed to feel the running water on my skin. I "borrow" some of the toiletries that are in the shower. I justify it that I probably have "loaned" many toiletries over the years. Plus I "gave" an expensive stick of mascara to someone in Switzerland. I change into a "I <3 Dubrovnik" t shirt that I bought on the way to sleep in. Hopefully Sapphire will make her appearance tomorrow.


Posted by AshleyC 12:25 Archived in Croatia

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